Our experience has taught us to plan and prepare for a powerful performance. This questionnaire will enable us to shape the presentation to the specific needs of your audience.

You can complete the on-line form or download a PDF version and submit via fax at 513.860.4934. Please complete each question as thoroughly as possible.
PreEvent Questionnaire
Your Name
Company/Association Name
Event Date(s)
Type of Event
(Conference, Sales, etc)
Venue for meeting
What limitations/restrictions exist in room set-up?
Length of Presentation
Event Theme
Why this theme and what does it mean to your audience?
Four key points you would like stressed during this presentation
Anticipated Audience Size
Female/Male Ratio
Racial/Ethnic Demographics of Audience
Important Changes in your Company and/or Industry
What are the current organizational "Strategic Objectives"?
What would the audience consider their significant challenges?
Issues or topics to avoid
What are some of the recent/significant successes?
What recent disappointments can be used as teaching tools?
Any slogan or tagline that should be incorporated into the presentation?
What acronyms should I be aware of and/or incorporate?
This event will be considered a success if
Who's responsible for calling this meeting?
(HR, Sales, Marketing, etc)
Dress Code for Event
Placement of Mr. Wright's presentation
(Open, Breakout, Close, Mealtime)
Which company leaders will speak before Mr. Wright?
Who (professional speakers) have you used in the past?
What has been most impacting and memorable/why?
Major Airport nearest meeting site
Your preference for Mr. Wright's ground transportation
Your preference for Mr. Wright's hotel accommodations
What are your plans to reinforce the key points of the presentation?
Would you like ideas on how to achieve this goal?
Additional Comments
What other leaders, managers or organizations could benefit from Mr. Wright's expertise?
(Please Provide Contact Information.)

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