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Here’s what people are saying about Kendall C. Wright
"...Rev. Wright, under the influence and tutelage of the Holy Spirit, and without the doubtful benefit of a doctoral degree, has combined the dynamics of theology, psychology and Christian leadership in a manner beneficial to the professional and laity alike."
~ Rev. Alvin Lee Richardson, B.S., M. Div.
Sr. Associate Pastor, United Missionary Baptist Church
"…I was especially delighted in your dynamic and world-class presentation skills, Rev. Wright. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies for the past 20 years, I have had many training classes, some good and some not. This Godly Leader training and presentation material has become my new “Gold Standard” by which others will be judged. Please consider that it has my highest recommendation."
~ Elder David C. Bosley
Pastor, Dayspring Church of God, Apostolic
"...I highly recommend, without any reservations, that anyone striving to be a leader that God is calling for in this ever-changing world to take the time to be in attendance if this workshop is ever offered near your presence."
~ Rev. Gregory Tyus
Senior Pastor, United Missionary Baptist Church
"...I concur with others who attended the seminar, that what you presented was solid, professional information and advice on what it takes to be a godly leader. Your inspiring, and sometime-humorous delivery and illustrations agitated our imagination to think more creatively about how we as individuals can become godlier in our leadership."
~ Rev. Robert E. Jones
Senior Pastor, College Hill Community Church
"...Your method exemplified the qualification it takes to be a leader and also it enabled us to observe ourselves, and to define our weak and strong characteristics."
~ Bishop Samuel R. Johnson, Sr.
Pastor, Living Water Full Gospel Baptist Church

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