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Please read the testimonials of our clients who say “Kendall promised a lot, but delivered even more.”

Here’s what people are saying about Kendall C. Wright
"…Your commanding presence before an audience is a real gift, because it enables you to do just that! There should be more “Kendall Wrights” running around."
~ John Dodsworth
Sterling Capital Services, Inc.
"...Your gift of illustration captivates an audience, and leaves them prepared to take life on. …Middletown Regional Health System is dedicated to “serving and helping all people” improve the status of their health and the quality of their lives. Kendall you helped us fulfill that mission yet once again. Our President/CEO, Doug McNeil, was particularly impressed with the style and content of your presentation, as were all the member of the audience."
~ Earl T. Railey
Director, Middletown Regional Health System
"...Thank you for your presentation to our sales team. Your material and presentation skills were outstanding. Your speaking confidence and your articulation are Extraordinary."
~ Thomas L. Smith
Sr. Vice President, Spring Grove Cemetery
"...Kendall has continually challenged his clients with “out of the box” activities that stimulate team building and unselfish delivery. I have observed sessions led by Kendall where the successful results generated were clearly through his efforts to influence and motivate participants."
~ Robert V. Brown
DirectorEli Lilly and Company
"…Your presentation was outstanding and we received numerous positive comments from the team. The combination of stories and factual information was an excellent mix. The message was professionally presented. It was inspirational, motivational and definitely what we needed to hear."
~ Michelle L. Devine
Sales Support Manager, Spring Grove Cemetery
"...I was amazed at the way he was able to connect with people and how his enthusiasm and passion had a way of spilling over to all participants. Kendall’s skills as a trainer and motivator are unmatched."
~ Herman J. Hoernschemeyer
Field Representative, Guardian

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