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Actualizing Leadership

Actualizing Leadership Skills For Managers

Actualizing Accountability

Actualizing Relationships

Actualizing Self-Development

Actualizing Communication

Actualizing Team Effectiveness

Actualizing Goals

Actualizing Convergence

Actualizing Your Speaking Potential

Actualizing Profits
Via Presentation Skills

Actualizing Community Vision & Leadership

Actualizing Volunteering

Actualizing Positive Thinking -
Positive Results

Actualizing By The Numbers

Actualizing Your Choices

Actualizing Black History:
Pathways To Greatness

A Chosen Vessel:
Empowerment For Missionaries

Actualizing The Shade Of The E.L.M.

Godly Leaders:
God’s R.A.M.S. In The Thicket

Making Connections: Becoming An Effective Master Of Ceremonies

New Wine Skins:
Leadership On The Next Level

Actualizing Team Effectiveness
…, But There Is An “I” In Ineffective

“The triumphs of the past provide inspiration for the future.”
— Kendall C. Wright

The transformation from individual contributor to integrated team member is predicated on a process of open and timely communication.

This workshop provides a forum to address unspoken annoyances and to establish a clear understanding of performance expectations. With clear communication, teams can leverage the talents and skills of each member.

Highlights Of This Program:
• Evaluate Costs Of Ineffective Teamwork
• Identify Barriers To Effective Team Interactions
• Leverage The Actualizing Teaming Survey
• How To Establish New Team Norms
• Strengthen Work Relationships

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