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Actualizing Communication
Purpose, Process, and Practices

“Communication is the accurate transference of meaning, not just information.”
— Kendall C. Wright

Communication - Actualizing Communication is the life blood of any organization. Unfortunately, it remains one of the least mastered skills within all ranks of our organizations. You can no longer hope and assume that your message will be understood and acted on simply because you have “over communicated.” Understanding the process of communication will enhance your effectiveness – whether you staff the reception area or serve as the highest ranking officer.

This workshop is an engaging and stimulating learning experience that will broaden your understanding of the role of communication and its impact. Communication, Actualizing Communication, is defined by the accurate transference of meaning, not merely the transference of information. Information without meaning is noise.

Poor communication skills cost business an untold fortune in wasted time and resources. That is to say nothing about the cost to employee morale and productivity. Learn how to identify and minimize common barriers to effective communication and eliminate costly miscommunication.

The true measure of Actualizing Communication is in the impact / result created by the message, not in its intent.

Find out how to be a better communicator!

In This Presentation You Will Learn:
• Define Actualizing Communication
• Diagram Of Communication Process
• Analyze The Advantages / Disadvantages Of Various Communication Channels
• Identify Personal Communication Style
• Discover The Secret Combination For Actualizing Communication.
• Examine The Four Levels Of Potential Interference To Actualizing Communication

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