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Actualizing Leadership Skills For Managers

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Actualizing Relationships

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Actualizing Black History:
Pathways To Greatness

A Chosen Vessel:
Empowerment For Missionaries

Actualizing The Shade Of The E.L.M.

Godly Leaders:
God’s R.A.M.S. In The Thicket

Making Connections: Becoming An Effective Master Of Ceremonies

New Wine Skins:
Leadership On The Next Level

Actualizing Relationships
Recogniton, Rapport, and Results

“The quality of the relationships will influence the process, the product or both.”

— Kendall C. Wright

The fundamental truth of organizational leadership is this – leadership is a relationship. Your ability to establish and nurture effective working relationships will determine your success as a leader, and your team’s success in achieving organizational goals and objectives. Relationships are the channel through which information, instruction and trust are communicated. In most organizations, nothing of significant value or importance happens without interaction with others.

Learn how to cultivate the leadership relationships that recognize the needs of the team, develop solution producing rapport, and generate market shaping results.

In This Presentation You Will Learn:
• The Key Prerequisites of T.R.U.S.T.
• Identify Barriers To Effective Collaboration
• How To Ask “The Question”
• How To Clarify Expectations
• How Reverse The Difference Itinerary

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