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Actualizing Leadership

Actualizing Leadership Skills For Managers

Actualizing Accountability

Actualizing Relationships

Actualizing Self-Development

Actualizing Communication

Actualizing Team Effectiveness

Actualizing Goals

Actualizing Convergence

Actualizing Your Speaking Potential

Actualizing Profits
Via Presentation Skills

Actualizing Community Vision & Leadership

Actualizing Volunteering

Actualizing Positive Thinking -
Positive Results

Actualizing By The Numbers

Actualizing Your Choices

Actualizing Black History:
Pathways To Greatness

A Chosen Vessel:
Empowerment For Missionaries

Actualizing The Shade Of The E.L.M.

Godly Leaders:
God’s R.A.M.S. In The Thicket

Making Connections: Becoming An Effective Master Of Ceremonies

New Wine Skins:
Leadership On The Next Level

Making Connections: Becoming An Effective Master Of Ceremonies
On Task, On Target, On Time

“The Effective Emcee understands his or her role to be that of a conduit, making connections between and/for the speaker and the audience.”
– Kendall C. Wright

The success of your luncheon, pageant or banquet often rides on the skills of the Emcee. This dynamic workshop stresses the art and the science of, “How To Be Up Front And Out Of The Way.”

Highlights Of This Program:
• The Emcee Philosophy Assessment
• Increase Proficiency In Using The Microphone
• How To Integrate Guidelines, Tips And Techniques
• The Secrets Of “Making The Agenda Work For You"

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